I’ve been playing this on repeat from Mississippi to Arkansas!! Love me some Jesus Culture!



Day 1, 2 – Recap

So far on my trip through the South has been amazing. Haven’t taken hardly any pictures which I somewhat regret. But the memories and conversations are etched in my mind for eternity.

On Day 1, I drove up to Atlanta and was able to see my cousin. Who is doing really well and I’m so proud of her. Wish we could’ve spent more time together but I’ll see her again in the coming week or months in either Orlando or Atlanta.

I woke up very early on Day 2 and went over to Stone Mountain for a little bike ride around the park. Didn’t hike the actual mountain this time but thoroughly enjoyed the ride and it’s challenges. Next, I headed North up I-75 towards Rome until I saw a sign for the National Battlefield at Kennesaw Mountain and I immediately exited and made my way over. Was able to hike about 7 miles through the mountains where they still had cannons placed, which was really cool. However one of my favorite parts is the overlooking view of Downtown Atlanta which was really nice. From there, I was able to get back on track and head up to Rome, GA and see my grandmother and Bob for her birthday. Always good to see one of favorite people in the world.


On the road again…

About to embark on a little road trip today! Driving through the South for about 10 days through Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. Taking this opportunity to catch up with old friend, family and hopefully make some new ones.

Packed a little heavier than I probably should have but I’d rather have than have to go buy it. I have a general idea of how I’d like to spend my time. But I want this trip to be truly lead by the Holy Spirit, so I’m gonna be pretty much free flowing throughout and making the most of this trip. So feel free to make suggestions or tag cool people that you make know in any of the above states.


Western Adventure: Day 12 and Day 13

Spent two last days of trip alone, exploring San Fran and Oakland. Had an opportunity to reflect on this past week and where God has taken me. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m truly blessed to have an amazing aunt who allowed me to take along with her on her voyage for 10 days. At times she probably wanted to choke me but she didn’t. Thank God. But its been definitely something that I’ll talk about for some time now. And I look forward to take more trips in the future. These parks and mountains and canyons haven’t seen the last of me!

Thanks everyone who tuned in and supported me along my Western Adventure. Until next time.



Western Adventure: Day 10

Woke up and headed to Oakland today. Drove for the first time and in while, felt weird. It’s definitely a lot different driving out here. Everything in Orlando is flat so having to drive through the mountains caught me off guard at first. But once we got moving it was smooth sailing until we got close to Oakland and hit a little traffic. But it wasn’t that bad compared to what I witnessed in LA. Scenery wise, nothing but the desert, wind turbines and mountains. Nothing special. 

Finally caught up on my post. Spent the 2nd half of my ride writing and uploading pics. Mostly the latter. It’s amazing what you can do with just a phone these days. 

Once we got settled in it was kinda late, so I just went out and walked around Oakland for a little bit. I was also able to reconnect with an old buddy who showed me a few places and took me this amazing food truck who had the best tacos. Before I head back, I wanna stop by there and grab more. 


Western Adventure: Day 9

Today was very similar to yesterday. Slept in and finished up my laundry in the morning. Then I eventually got up and visited a friend from college. I’ve seen her twice this year which is cool. Always good to see old friends. She actually has started a family now and has two amazing little kids. 

It wasn’t until late in the day that I read another blog on WP and saw one else’s post from the Vegas strip. Then I suddenly had wished that I maximized my time in Vegas seeing sites and enjoying it more. Granted I needed the sleep and had to catch up some laundry, there was still time in the day to go out and get a decent amount of sleep. 

Heading to Oakland/San Francisco in the morning and vowing to make the most of my time there. Any suggestions on this to do while I’m there? Anybody in the area?

I think that catches me up. Should have some nice photos from San Francisco in the morning to post. 


Western Adventure: Day 5

Day 5 started early b/c I had to head outside to rent some shoes, socks and a hiking stick for the Narrows, which is about 9 miles of canyoneering. By far the most fun I’ve had on my trip so far. Wasn’t strenuous at all so you could really enjoy the river and Canyon at the same time. We didn’t go too far, only 6 miles round trip but still had an amazing time. 
Spent the remainder of the day relaxing. The temp for today was 105 and we felt every bit of it.