Day 1, 2 – Recap

So far on my trip through the South has been amazing. Haven’t taken hardly any pictures which I somewhat regret. But the memories and conversations are etched in my mind for eternity.

On Day 1, I drove up to Atlanta and was able to see my cousin. Who is doing really well and I’m so proud of her. Wish we could’ve spent more time together but I’ll see her again in the coming week or months in either Orlando or Atlanta.

I woke up very early on Day 2 and went over to Stone Mountain for a little bike ride around the park. Didn’t hike the actual mountain this time but thoroughly enjoyed the ride and it’s challenges. Next, I headed North up I-75 towards Rome until I saw a sign for the National Battlefield at Kennesaw Mountain and I immediately exited and made my way over. Was able to hike about 7 miles through the mountains where they still had cannons placed, which was really cool. However one of my favorite parts is the overlooking view of Downtown Atlanta which was really nice. From there, I was able to get back on track and head up to Rome, GA and see my grandmother and Bob for her birthday. Always good to see one of favorite people in the world.


Western Adventure: Day 11

After vowing to make the most of my little bit of time in the Bay Area, I was up early and ready to go. But my hunger set in and became really cranky. So the pressure was placed on me to find a great breakfast spot b/c of my knack for finding the best meals. After about 30 minutes of walking around Oakland, I was totally unsuccessful and crankiness continued.  Finally we made it down to San Francisco to a place where my aunt had been before called Joanie’s Happy Days Diner which had amazing food and customer service. Definitely recommend this place. Sorry pics. But there is a link above.

Next we headed to Golden Bridge. So clique and touristy I know but I wasn’t gonna skip on an opportunity to see it first hand and walk across it. Just the journey in itself to get was an accomplishment considering it was the furthest she walked in her few attempts to get there and it being my first there. Then on top of 3.5 mile walk round trip to cross the bridge which was a nice hike for two people who had just done a weeks works of hiking. So as inched closer from Fishermans Wharf through the neighborhoods and along the Bay the excitement grew. (And yes, we could’ve used Uber or rode bikes but I think we went things the right way and it was more enjoyable.) Just seeing the fog rise and the bridge more exposed added so much more to the experience. 

So we made it over and back without any issues. And myself being a cyclist I without a doubt want to bike across it one day and up the hill to get a better view of San Francisco. All in all, a great day of walking and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Had myself a rice bowl and cookies and cream ice cream from Whole Foods then crashed for the evening.

SN: I had a record breaking day of walking today according to my Apple Watch.


Western Adventure: Day 8

Woke up early and packed up our camping gear one final time. Leaving Bryce Canyon and today we have to travel again. This time to Henderson, NV to regroup and visit my aunts friend. Staying here for 2 nights so we’ll be able to do laundry, sleep in beds and take real showers. The little things in life. Drive was about 5 hrs not including stops at Dunkin Donuts and In-N-Out Burger. 

Took 2 uneventful pictures all day. One of arriving back in Arizona and another of the tempature here. Yes, it’s that hot here. Definitely stayed in once we arrived. And laid in bed all day and night. Had a lot of posts to update and pictures to upload. 


Western Adventure: Day 7

Woke up early this morning to get a good campsite at Bryce Canyon b/c they’re first come, first serve like Zion was. Drive was short so we had plenty of hiking time. Got some breakfast and phone charged then I was off again. 

Neither of us really knew what to expect at Bryce but once I say it, I instantly fell in love with it. It was seriously so amazing to look at and looked even more fun to hike. Comparing both the travel guide and REI National Parks App (which is pretty good tool that I forgot to mention earlier) I decided to do a combination of the Navajo and Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail. Figured I’d kill 2 birds with one stone. Really liked the Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail b/c it gave me a 360 view of the canyon.

Whoa! That’s a lot! Took me forever to upload. Text time I’m bringing my Mac. By far the best day so far. Got a lot of good pictures and I had an amazing time hiking, meeting new people from around the world. And even after all of this hiking plus lunch at the lodge. I still had a little left in me. And was able to make it up to the two Inspiration Point overlooks before it was dark. 


Western Adventure: Day 6

Day 6 was a sleep in day but I definitely didn’t take it off. Slept in until 8ish then headed to the lodge. We’ve been incredibly blessed with phone service, which means more phone use. So I spent about 2 hrs there drinking my coffee, writing in my travel log (which I keep outside of this) and charging my phone.

The meat of my day was spent checking off some of the smaller hikes that the park has to offer. Visited Emerald Pools, Patriarch ____ and Watchman Trail. All easy to moderate hikes but very good. 

Of the 3, I liked Patriarch visually and Watchman physically. Kind of pushed myself physically today. Wanted to see what I could really do and I actually surprised myself but didn’t get TOO overconfident. Next time I wanna do more strenuous hikes at all the parks, especially this one. They had 2, Angels Landing and Observation point that I really wanna try. 

Emerald Pools was a trail that I admired a little bit along the way but I honestly sped through it and took some pics and left. I’ll probably read about it later and appreciate it more than I do now. 

Court of the Patriarchs was a really short hike but I kinda went off the path into a sketchy part that looked like it was part of a landslide. Was able to get some nice shots as well. Not difficult just had to be very careful. More than anything, I like the meaning behind it; being named after Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Watchman was the sleeper. It was the closet trail to our campsite and didn’t look like much on paper, so I took it for granted. Turned out to be the most fun hike I did all day. Wasn’t the most strenuous like Angels Landing or Observation Point but it got the job done and got it done quickly. 3 miles in about an hour. The best part was when I saw a ram ahead of me on the trail and started to turned around until I saw 4 guys heading up and waited for them. Better 5 than one. By the time we got to the spot it was gone. We go finally made it to the top and some really cool pics.