Western Adventure: Day 8

Woke up early and packed up our camping gear one final time. Leaving Bryce Canyon and today we have to travel again. This time to Henderson, NV to regroup and visit my aunts friend. Staying here for 2 nights so we’ll be able to do laundry, sleep in beds and take real showers. The little things in life. Drive was about 5 hrs not including stops at Dunkin Donuts and In-N-Out Burger. 

Took 2 uneventful pictures all day. One of arriving back in Arizona and another of the tempature here. Yes, it’s that hot here. Definitely stayed in once we arrived. And laid in bed all day and night. Had a lot of posts to update and pictures to upload. 


Western Adventure: Day 3

Day Three was a busy, hence why my Day Two recap was a day late. The temperature was predicted to be above 100 so we wanted to give an early, so we were up at 5:30 and on the trail by 7:15. Probably the best place to do my first hike ever. Wasn’t the most fun and I didn’t enjoy even minute of it but it was such an amazing thing to see. Ended up doing doing a little over 5 miles total which doesn’t sound like much. The first half was all downhill from 8,240ft at the trailhead to 6020ft at the Redwall Bridge. Lots of logs, rocks and switchbacks made my descend oh so fun. 


(The only pics that uploaded at the time of me trying to publish these. Currently at Zion where I luckily have some internet, just not enough)

The tough part was a lot more difficult but so fulfilling when I saw the end. Would def like to have a little redemption and be able to conquer the entire Grand Canyon next time. Baby steps. 

We spent the rest our day relaxing and going on shorter hikes, just trying to take in as much as we could in that small period of time. So we drove towards Cape Royal and visited a few overlooks. Really like Angels Window because looking through the rock formation you could see the Colorado River. 

Had an amazing time hanging with my aunt and seeing the Grand Canyon. Glad we decided to come after all. Would strongly recommend it to anyone regardless if you hike or not. They have plenty to do for everyone. 


Western Adventure : Day 2

Day Two was an amazing day. Said goodbye to LA early this morning and headed to Las Vegas to meet up with my aunt. 

Haven’t been here in like 10 yrs and it’s crazy how much it’s changed. Was only here passing through this time as we were headed for the Grand Canyon! So after zooming through Nevada, bouncing and forth between Arizona and Utah, we finally made it to the Grand Canyon. 

And what a beauty it was to see. I don’t think I’ve ever been so amazed by a place. This place is breathtaking and not just b/c of the high altitude but the size and colors and shear beauty make you not wanna take your eyes off of it. Spent hours just taking pictures and staring at it as the sun set until it was time head back to our campsite and crash for the night.